San Francisco 2015

ARMA Symposium Archives

Symposium program

Program of the 49th US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium

Keynote lectures

MTS Opening Lecture by James Rice: Thermo-poro-mechanics of strain localization in rapidly sheared granular rock and implications for earthquake source physics

Kate Hadley Baker: Some thoughts on rock mechanics in the oil and gas industry

Christopher Mark: The science of empirical design in mining rock mechanics

Stephen Glaser: Friction mechanics, onset of sliding, and laboratory earthquakes


Digital Rock Physics Derived Rock Mechanics Properties

John Schaffer, Mike Myers, Lori Hathon: Agenda

Mike Myers, Lori Hathon: Production and geologic time-scale compaction in rigid grain-rich and ductile grain-rich sands

Mike Marsh, Shawn Zhang: Introduction to digital rock physics and predictive rock properties

Sven Linden, Tom Cvjekovic, Erik Glatt, Jens-Oliver Schwarz, Andreas Wiegmann: Digital rock physics: Digital in-situ conditions

Laurent Louis, Gregory Boitnott, Pradeep Bhattad, Mark Knackste: Towards image-based compaction forecasting: Comparison between laboratory experiments and X-ray CT images

Hrishikesh Bale, Matthew Andrew, Sreenivas Bhattiprolu, Andy Steinbach: On the prospects for nanometer-scale in situ geomechanics of shale with laboratory X-ray microscopy and comparison with DRP

Gregory Boitnott, Laurent Louis: Mechanical properties imaging using petrophysical core scanning