Chicago 2012

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Symposium program

Program of the 46th US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium

Mark Zoback: Chicago 2012 welcome address

ARMA 2012 Awards

Antonio Bobet, Char: Summary of Chicago 2012

Plenary presentations

Paul Young: Rock fracture dynamics and induced seismicity

John McClennan: International conference for effective and sustainable hydraulic fracturing

J. W. Rudnicki: Formation and extension of localized compaction in porous sandstone

Louis D. Alfaro: The expansion of the Panama Canal: The impact of developments in Rock Mechanics

Paul LaPointe: It’s the cracks that matter: DFN modeling of everything rock

P. Patrick Leahy: Adapting to change—AGI’s global perspective

H. Jay Melosh: Dynamic fragmentation, asteroid impacts and meteorites from Mars