Future leaders

The ARMA Future Leader Program identifies motivated ARMA members of outstanding promise, who are relatively early in their careers and bring ideas for the continual development of ARMA. Since 2012, ARMA Future Leaders have been involved with all aspects of operations to ensure that ARMA has an enduring foundation as it evolves to be representative and useful to its members. Future Leaders have fully engaged in supporting ARMA’s annual symposia by participating in the organizing committee, developing and chairing sessions, reviewing papers, making awards for papers and posters, and developing a career center.

Future Leader Handbook, updated on 7 November 2023 (PDF)

Class of 2023

Eric Edelman

University of Utah

Yao Huang

University of Pittsburgh

Teeratorn Kadeethum

Sandia National Laboratories

Elsa Maalouf

American University of Beirut

Andreas Michael

Colorado School of Mines

Mostafa Mobasher

New York University - Abu Dhabi

Mohammed Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui

University of New South Wales - Sydney

Liu Yi

Sichuan University

Qi Zhang

Southeast University

Yiqun Zhang

China University of Petroleum - Beijing

Class of 2022

Marwah Alsinan

Saudi Aramco

Jeff Burghardt

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Wencheng Jin

Idaho National Laboratory

Zoheir Khademian


Danielli De Melo Moura


Radhika de Silva

TU Freiberg

Bing Hou

China University of Petroleum - Beijing

Oladoyin Kolawole

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Wei Li

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Xiaofeng Li

University of Toronto

Meng Meng

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Masoud Rahjoo

AECOM, Canada

Jiehao Wang

Chevron Technical Center

Hui Wu

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Qiquan Xiong

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sun Zhuang

Dassault Systemes

Class of 2021

Wenzhuo Cao

Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

Wei Fu

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Neel Gupta


Biao Li

Concordia University, Canada

Bing Li

University of Western Ontario, Canada

Xiaorong Li

China University of Petroleum - Beijing

Brandon Schwartz

Pennsylvania State University

Haitao Yu

Tongji University, China

Yida Zhang

University of Colorado Boulder

Qi Zhao

Hong Kong Polytechnic University