Technical Committee on Hydraulic Fracturing (TCHF)

The goals of ARMA’s Technical Committee on Hydraulic Fracturing (TCHF), which leads the Hydraulic Fracturing Community (HFC), are to advance technical development, investigate and model the physical processes, and promote environmentally responsible practices in hydraulic fracturing. TCHF members organize and lead technical sessions at annual symposiums and workshops. In addition, to reach an even broader audience, TCHF members organize and actively participate in the online Hydraulic Fracturing Seminar Series. All TCHF members are active ARMA members. Five have been inducted as ARMA Fellows in recognition of their achievements in rock mechanics. Three have been elected as members of the National Academy of Engineering. With over 500 years of combined experience in hydraulic fracturing, TCHF is ready to advance and promote the state of the art knowledge in the field!


Biographies of TCHF members (PDF)

Egor Dontsov, Chair


John McLennan, Vice Chair

University of Utah

Alexei Savitski, Vice Chair


Adam Bere


Jeff Burghardt

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Bill Carey

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Tim Carr

West Virginia University

Jordan Ciezobka

Gas Technology Institute

Christine Detournay


Herbert Einstein

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Francis Elisabeth

Saudi Aramco

Derek Elsworth

Pennsylvania State University

Sid Green

Enhanced Production, Inc.

Mark McClure


Joe Morris

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Abdelwahab Noufal


Mark Pearson

Liberty Resources

Kan Wu

Texas A & M University

Mark Zoback

Stanford University

Upcoming events

Upcoming webinars scheduled by this committee will be announced by email to the ARMA mailing list, as the information becomes available.

For other webinars and events from ARMA, please see full schedule under Events.

Past events

2020 ARMA/DGS/SEG International Geomechanics Symposium

2019 ARMA-CURB Geothermal International Conference

2019 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop

2018 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop

2017 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Worlshop

2016 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop

Archived materials and presentations are available on the HFC website.