American Rock Mechanics Association

The American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA) is a professional and international engineering and scientific society, which promotes interaction among specialists, practitioners, scholars, and educators in rock mechanics and geomechanics. We advocate for individuals and firms in all aspects of rock mechanics and geomechanics, including multi-disciplinary rock physics and rock engineering technology advancement and technological applications for civil engineering, mining engineering and tunneling, oil and gas recovery, and geo-related socioeconomic problem-solving. We provide a forum and information resources for our members, related organizations, and the public, while our strong student membership ensures future continuity.


ARMA serves its members and the public as the recognized representative of multi-disciplinary advancements and applications in rock mechanics.


ARMA encourages individuals and accepts members who share an interest in rock mechanics; serves as the American technical leader in rock mechanics via sponsored symposia, publications, workshops, and training courses; recognizes members for individual accomplishments, expertise in rock mechanics, and public service; and provides expert advice to government, academia, industry, and the public.