ARMA Future Leaders Program

The ARMA Future Leader Program identifies motivated ARMA members of outstanding promise and relatively early in their careers to identify ideas for the continual development of ARMA.  The ARMA Future Leaders group was organized in 2012 and has been involved with all aspects ARMA operations to ensure that the organization has an enduring foundation as it evolves to be representative and useful to its members.

Future Leaders have been fully engaged in supporting ARMA annual symposia through participating in the organizing committee, developing and chairing sessions, reviewing papers,  making awards for papers and posters, and developing a career center and rock mechanics trivial pursuit contest.

Future leaders are nominated by ARMA members and approved by current Leaders and the Board of Directors.

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2018 Class of Future Leaders at Seattle Induction Ceremony. Photo by H. Montague


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Future Leaders Members

Rob Bewick, Golder Associates Lt
Chia Weng Boon, University of Oxford
Arash Dahi, Louisiana State University
Nicolas Espinoza, UT Austin
Yi Fang, UT Austin
Yongcun Fang, University Texas at Austin
Jesse Hampton, New England Research, Inc.
Mahdi Heidari, University of Texas
Qinghua Lei, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Botao Lin, China University of Petroleum at Beijing
Andrea Lisjak, Geomechanica Inc.
Xiaodong Ma, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Jeffrey Oke, Mine Design Engineering
Andrew Rathbun, Chevron ETC
Hiroki Sone, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bryan Tatone, Geomechanica Inc.
Ingrid Tomac, University of California San Diego
Gabe Walton, Colorado School of Mines
Bisheng Wu, Tsinghua University, China
Kan Wu, Texas A&M University
Qianbing Zhang, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Cheng Zhu, Rowan University


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