Technical Committee on Hydraulic Fracturing (TCHF)



The TCHF goals are to advance hydraulic fracturing technical development; to investigate and model fundamental physics involved and to promote environmentally responsible practice related to hydraulic fracturing. Fifteen individuals from industry and academia form the committee.

Planning Activities

•Participate and organize HF sessions at annual symposiums
•Organize a workshop with focus on physics involved in fracture initiation, propagation, and closure.
•Interact and collaborate with other professional societies
•Develop white papers on HF.



Photo by Gang Han. Pictured are (left to right): Mark Mack, Mukul Sharma, John McLennan, Joe Morris, Xiaowei Weng, Sau-Wai Wong, Gang Han, Maurice Dusseault, Ahmad Ghassemi, Jon Olson.

Gang Han (Chair) Aramco Services Company
John McLennan University of Utah
Ahmad Ghassemi Oklahoma University
Joe Morris Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Tony Settari CGG/Taurus Reservoir
Jon Olson University of Texas at Austin
Sau-Wai Wong Rybkarock
Mukul Sharma University of Texas at Austin
Nobuo Morita Texas A&M
Mohamed Soliman University of Houston
Maurice Dusseault University of Waterloo
Hari Viswanathan Los Alamos National Laboratory
Xiaowei Weng Schlumberger
Thomas Doe Golder Associates
Mark Mack  Independent Consultant
Neal Nagel Oilfield Geomechanics

For more information please contact Gang Han

The 2017 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop Deliveries
(These materials are restricted. The workshop coordinator will send attendees the password necessary for viewing the presentations.)

Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop Presentations Houston 2016