Enabling Technologies for Hard-Rock Mining Applications Workshop


Overview Comments by Sid Green, Workshop Chair

Session 1 Mineral Exploration And Ore Deposit Characterization

Ron Parrett Practices and Challenges in Mineral Exploration
John Kingman Practices and Challenges in Ore Deposit Characterization
Brian Clark An Overview of Subsurface Exploration and Characterization Practices in Oil and Gas
Ned Clayton Subsurface Characterization Enabled by Geophysical Logging

Session 2 Mining Geomechanics

Bob Sharon Successes and Needs for Large Open Pit Mines –¬† the LOP Project
Chris Hickie Practices and Challenges for Underground Mine Geotechnical Characterization and Design
Sid Green An Overview of Geomechanical Practices in Oil and Gas
Brian Pluemer Microseismic Techniques
Adrian Rodriguez Earth Stress Modeling
Ernie Brown Hydraulic Fracturing for Stress Modification
Roberto Suarez-Rivera Laboratory Rock Characterization
Geoff Beale Planning for Integrated  Slope Depressurization Programs

Session 3 Drilling Technology

Steve Petroni Challenges and Technolgy Advances for Deep Ore Deposit Drilling
Rick Gilbert Gaining Value During Mine Production Drilling
Ian Falconer An Overview of Drilling Practices and Technology Advances in Oil and Gas
Ian Falconer Directional Drilling
Brian Clark Measurements While Drilling
Teoman Altinkopru Coiled Tubing Technology
Daryl Cullem Drilling and Coring Fluids for Hard Rock Mining