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Current ARMA Members

Welcome to the ARMA website! Your unique username is the email account associated with your current ARMA membership. If you are visiting the website for the first time, please select the Request Password option to receive a computer-generated password for your first login. Use your email and that password to access your member profile and all member-only content on this website. You can change the password and edit your member profile when your sign in.

Members with past due accounts

We look forward to welcoming you back to the ARMA community. If you sign in with a past due account, you will be able to edit your own profile, but will not access other member-only content. When you renew your membership, you will regain instant access to member-only content on other pages. Please note that we allow a six-month grace period, during which you can still log in to renew an expired membership. Accounts that are past due over six months are deleted from the member database. A former member whose account is no longer on record will have to join ARMA as a new member to access member-only web content, including the member directory, the forum, and all member discounts.