Benefits of Membership

As an ARMA member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Networking opportunities at ARMA meetings, with colleagues, peers, ARMA fellows, and others in the rock mechanics/geomechanics communities;
  • Opportunities for participating on technical committees with different agendas and degrees of technical and social impact;
  • Opportunities for impacting social change by working with the ARMA Foundation;
  • Symposia presentations to peers; and publication of papers in proceedings;
  • ARMA workshops with networking and presentation opportunities;
  • Opportunities for academics and practitioners alike to meet, share information and refine/develop their knowledge of practical and theoretical aspects of their discipline;
  • Interactions among a diverse group of rock mechanics and geomechanics disciplines–civil and geotechnical applications, mining applications, petroleum applications, geothermal applications, and others;
  • Receipt of the thrice-yearly ARMA e-NEWSLETTER with topical discussions and opportunities to editorialize or publish developing ideas, case studies, etc.;
  • Membership directory;
  • Website interaction – you can provide content;
  • Membership in the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM);
  • Discounts on ARMA publications, ISRM publications, and discounts on selected journals;
  • Discounts on ARMA and ISRM meetings; and
  • Symposium and forum series.