Geothermal International Conference

We are pleased to announce the 2019 ARMA-CUPB Geothermal International Conference to be held on 5-9 August 2019 in Beijing, China. Hosted by the China University of Petroleum–Beijing (CUPB), the conference will promote technology sharing between petroleum and geothermal industries. More details can be found at

From hydrothermal enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) to the oil and gas industry, the meeting will combine short course, technology highlights, industry perspectives, and field trip. Below is the program outline.

  • Day 1 – Short Course / Training and Registration
  • Day 2 – Technology Highlights: G&G, Drilling, Completion, and Hydraulic Fracturing Production, Reservoir Engineering
  • Day 3 – Industry Perspectives: E&P Cases, Utilization, Power Generation, Management
  • Day 4 – Field Trip: Beijing Geothermal Field

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Over the past a few months, the conference has made great efforts to build organizations, develop programs, and tackle logistics challenges. We appreciate the supports from ARMA’s Peter Smeallie and TCHF’s John McLennan, Derek Elsworth, Maurice Dusseault, Joe Morris, Ahmad Ghassemi, Branko Damjanac, Doug Blankenship, and Herbert Einstein. Particular acknowledgements are to the diligence and hard work from the host CUPB, especially Xianzhi Song and Mao Sheng, and the contributions from other Organizing Committee members such as Jiang Shu at Univ. of Utah, Haiyan Zhu at Chengdu Univ. of Technology, Weiguo Liang at Taiyan Univ. of Technology, Xiaodong Ma at ETH Zürich, Yarlong Wang at Petro-Geotech, et al.

Fall is a beautiful season in Beijing.  On behalf of the Advisory Committee, chaired by John McLennan and Gensheng Li, and the Organizing Committee, chaired by Gang Han, Xianzhi Song, Shu Jiang, we invite you to join us.