ARMA Future Leader Webinar Series

Every two weeks on Fridays 7-8 AM EST | 8-9 AM CST | 9-10 AM MT

ARMA Future Leaders have launched a new webinar series meeting every other Friday 9-10 AM MT, during which one of the Future Leaders delivers a lecture describing his or her work.

Upcoming events

Upcoming ARMA Future Leader webinars will be announced by email, as the information becomes available.

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Past events

23 February 2024

From dots in space to space-time-magnitude connections: What can energy release interevent connections tell us about stress and fracture?

Jesse Hampton, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1 December 2023

Deformation and failure of rocks containing mineralized fractures

Junlong Shang, University of Glasgow

17 November 2023

The Paradox Basin as a field lab for salt rock integrity studies

No’am Dvory, University of Utah

3 November 2023

Artificial Intelligence assisted real-time diagnostics of hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoirs

Mao Sheng, China University of Petroleum-Beijing

20 October 2023

Electric-hydraulic fracturing in subsurface stimulation

Wencheng Jin, Idaho National Laboratory

6 October 2023

Fracture flow evolution during heat recovery from enhanced geothermal systems and its im- pact on long-term thermal performance

Hui Wu, Peking University

22 September 2023

Stress measurement and modelling in underground rock

Yao Huang, Los Alamos National Laboratory

15 September 2023

Understanding geological carbon storage through light-weight production-ready machine learning frameworks

Teeratorn Kadeethum, Sandia National Laboratories

25 August 2023

Stresses and seismicity: A story of creep and induced seismicity forecasting

Kevin McCormack, University of Utah

11 August 2023

Investigation of parameters affecting seismic potentials in a deep longwall mine

Zoheir Khademian, Colorado School of Mines

28 July 2023

Anatomy of a laboratory fault

Qi Zhao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

14 July 2023

Geomechanical considerations when determining the value of mineralization during geologic carbon sequestration

Brandon Schwartz, Pennsylvania State University

16 June 2023

Geomechanical assessment of rock-microbial interactions in geosystems and their impact on sustainability and energy geo-resources

Oladoyin Kolawole, New Jersey Institute of Technology

2 June 2023

Improve carbon capture, utilization and storage projects with subsurface modeling and simulation

Zhuang Sun, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Corp.

5 May 2023

Photoporomechanics: a new technique to explore grain-scale mechanisms for fluid-driven fractures in granular media

Yu (Olivia) Meng, Princeton University

7 April 2023

4D computed tomography of granular force

Wei Li, Stony Brook University

24 March 2023

Results of the shear stimulation experiments at the EGS Collab intermediate-scale test site

Jeff Burghardt, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

10 March 2023

Non-explosive demolition agents: a new approach for rock mass pre-conditioning

Radhika De Silva, TU Freiberg, Germany

24 February 2023

Eclectic selection of topics in energy geomechanics and rock mechanics

Bing Li, University of Western Ontario