Technical Committee on Underground Storage and Utilization (TCUSU)

ARMA’s Technical Committee on Underground Storage and Utilization (TCUSU) focuses on the geomechanics of underground storage of solids, liquids, and gases to underpin safe and reliable storage and utilization operations. The objective of the TCUSU is to reach across disciplinary boundaries to connect scientists, engineers, professors, students, postdocs, storage operators, consultants, and other professionals who are interested in the fundamentals, development, and potential of underground storage and utilization. Topics of interest to our community are integral to longer-term goals of low-carbon and sustainable energy in the U.S.A. and around the world. As a service to ARMA members and their colleagues, we also develop and promote sessions at ARMA symposia, technical workshops, and other forums related to underground storage and utilization.

Topics of interest

Typical areas of interest for the TCUSU include:

  • characterization of solid, liquid, and gas storage media;
  • storage and utilization of nuclear waste, natural gas, CO2, hydrogen (alone or in various blends), thermal energy, CAES, NGLs, crude oil, and other materials;
  • studies of injection and withdrawal cycles, as well as thermal, mechanical, and chemical changes, associated with potential hazards, such as triggered fault slip, induced and natural seismicity, ground deformation, loss of containment (e.g., fault or top-seal integrity issues, well integrity issues, and migration out of confinement over any range of timescales;
  • economics and impact on groundwater, infrastructure, or population centers;
  • microseismic and other monitoring systems;
  • case studies and applications to new technologies and real-world projects.


Richard Schultz, Chair

Orion Geomechanics LLC
Cypress, TX 77429, USA

Upcoming events

Upcoming webinars scheduled by this committee will be announced by email to the ARMA mailing list, as the information becomes available.

For other webinars and events from ARMA, please see full schedule under Events.

Past events

12 August 2020

Underground Sun Storage — The Results

Markus Pilcher, RAG Austria AG

16 September 2020

Decatour, Illinois CCUS Project: Part 1

Robert Bauer, Illinois Geological Survey

14 October 2020

DOE CarbonSAFE phase three certification

William Ampomah, New Mexico Tech

28 October 2020

Coupled modeling of nuclear waste storage

Jonny Rutqvist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory